16 Days Without Social Media…And Counting

A check point halfway through a 30 day Social Media fast

Starting on Halloween of this year I decided to do a little 30 day challenge for the month of November, no social media.

Now this is a super cliché thing to do but now I see why.

I thoroughly enjoy social media. I have no quarrels with it but this doesn’t mean that it has not been effecting me in some way, shape, or form.

Screen Time

Ever since I have uninstalled all of my social media apps my productivity has increased massively.

From this week alone my productivity is 12.5hrs. My reading is roughly 8.5hrs and my total usage is down 18% from last week with two more days to go.

We are only half way through the month.

Look at this shit.

We see that for the week of July 18th I spent 33 HOURS ON SOCIAL MEDIA ALONE!

That’s nearly a whole work week!

Productivity was 9 hours and entertainment was 8.5 hours.

What the hell was I doing on social media for 33 hours? And we can see that this usage was UP 10% from the previous week!

At that pace I would have spent a whole 40 hours fooling around on social media!

We also see I didn’t read a god damn thing that week either.

I have always correlated lack of reading with my social media use.

The time I spent away from social media always led to me binge reading. It’s almost as if my brain was thirsty for knowledge, hungry for sustenance!

Also, in the past 16 days I’ve been off of social media I have published 23 articles on BadBuddhism.com.

Not only has my reading input increased, my output of writing has increased as well. Keep in mind that over the past 5 days I’ve been more productive(including reading) than those 7 days back in July!

Over the past 5 days I spent 20 hours educating myself and being productive. I think I can bump those numbers up.

I did this little article as a checkpoint to my progress for this months challenge. While writing and researching my own usage I actually shocked myself.

I will be doing the second part of this article at the end of the 30 days. I’m interested in seeing what the numbers will say.

I still cannot believe I spent 33 hours on social media in one week at one point in time. Those 33 hours could have been better spent on building something. So much time has been wasted.

Anyway…until next time.


-Anthony Boyd

I write at the intersection of leadership, self-improvement and psychology. | byanthonyboyd.com

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