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Earlier this year I went on an interview at an organization that I’ve been wanting to work for since I’ve graduated with my Psychology degree.

Instantly, I noticed some red flags while taking a tour of the facility, asking questions, as well as speaking with some of the seasoned employees…

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I’m a huge believer in leadership experience coming from actually being in a leadership role.

But books saved me a massive amount of time that I would have spent making mistakes.

I started reading leadership books before I was elected to union leadership so I had the luxury of putting…

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High-performance teams don’t come together by chance. They’re designed.

And teams are maintained by underlying principles that are universal across many types organizations.

Principles are the building blocks of effective strategy.

And these principles ultimately dictate the caliber of teams you lead.

In other words, the quality and effectiveness of…

Anthony Boyd

I write at the intersection of self-improvement, psychology and leadership development from the perspective of a union steward. |

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