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Competition As A Motivational Tool

“Your only competition is with who you were yesterday.”

While the above quote is true and brings a ton of value, competition with others brings just as much value, if not more. Why? Because when you see people who perform at the highest levels of a specific field, and you just so happen to be in that field, you conveniently have a standard or a bar set for you.

This concept is simple.

We as humans are hardwired to measure our success by sizing up those around us. There’s no getting around that. So why not use this positively?

Competition isn’t inherently a bad thing. But it becomes a bad thing when you get your ego and self-esteem wrapped up in it. The outcome? Jealousy and toxic behaviors.

On the other hand, competition forces you to realize your human potential by having your mettle tested consistently. It also shows you the heights at which humans can reach in a multitude of endeavors.

So don’t shy away from your competitive streak. Embrace competition and let it transform you.

In this way, competition serves as inspiration.



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