Forget The Side Quests

Side quests makes you forget why you’re here.

Anthony Boyd
2 min readApr 5, 2021


When I was a kid, I loved role-playing games.

RPGs like: The Final Fantasy Series, Chrono Trigger, Saga Frontier and Zelda were amongst my favorites.

I enjoyed the missions strictly for the plot and character development.

Each time a new role-playing game came out, I thought of it as a new adventure I’d embark on.

But it seems somewhere along the line, emphasis was shifted from substantive plots to superfluous side quests.

My younger brother would always urge me to “do the side quests” when all I wanted to do was play the main story.

I’d end up getting lost in these pointless side quests to earn petty loot when I could have been progressing my character development along the lines of the plot.

Life is similar to an RPG.

There’s tons of side quests such as the myriad of causes and movements out there.

But don’t get too caught up in these side missions. They’re something to take part in once your main mission is complete.

You can never keep up with all the happenings and you’ll never be “woke” enough.

Focus on your purpose. Whatever your purpose happens to be.



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