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How to Effectively Manage Your Time Through Rhythms & Deep Work

The traditional perspective of time management is outdated.

Anthony Boyd
9 min readJul 4, 2022


You often fall victim to time slipping away.

Sometimes there’s simply not enough time in the day — or so it seems. And if this sounds like you, this probably means you’re mismanaging your time.

Time is the most valuable resource you have because you’ll never get it back once you’ve used it and it’s limited.

Time management is essential to success because it allows you to achieve your goals, which are the building blocks for success.

Think of goals like bricks. You take these bricks, stack them on top of each other, one-by-one, until you have a wall called success or your legacy.

But you need time to place the bricks in the first place. And proper time management will allow you to optimize the time spent laying those bricks without sacrificing the integrity of that wall.

Time is not what you think

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“There’s nothing stopping you from taking a different perspective on time to absolutely transform your life.”

Time as we know it, is a series gradations embedded within calendars and clocks.

It’s the months of the year, days of the week, the hour, minute and seconds hands on a clock.

The gradations are simply reference points — markers of our current position in the universe. In other words, time is an illusion. MJ Demarco said in “Unscripted:”

“The fact is, named days are a hyperreality, one the industrialized world has perfected to perfection. Beneath the named-days scheme is a man-made illusion your mind has made real — the illusion that your life’s limited and precious time must be systematically segregated by days, with each day’s title designating whether work or play is expected.”

There’s nothing stopping you from taking a different perspective on time to…



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