How To Write

Ahem…”How To Write”

“I view writers the same as I do wine snobs. Wine snobs swear they are so fuckin “it” because they sniff liquid and drink it. It’s the same with writers.”

Me, a writer…

I don’t like writing about writing but I was talking about writing earlier and decided to write about it.

The only reason I am writing about writing is because I THINK I may have some controversial or off putting premises.

Or maybe not but I want to put it down on the screen just because I truly believe in this.

First and foremost, the best writing comes from reading. Reading and writing are intertwined.

How I learn to write is by reading publications by people who have established themselves in the “writing world.” These people also happened to have a large following. Not that it matters much how validated they are.

But it says something about what works.

Let’s get deeper into this shall we?

Respect the platform

Writing is not as simple as putting pen to paper anymore. We have to respect the platform. I mean this is something that has been true for hundreds of years but now with social media technology we have to fully take the platform into consideration.

When we are on any given platform we are subject to their psychological frame. This means that we are going to write like the rest of that platform does. We have to write this way because it is what works for that Medium (no pun intended.)

When I am writing on my blog I write like I am speaking to a friend, it’s conversational.

But when I am writing on Medium, I’m aiming for polished publication type shit.(I’m still trying to figure this one out)

Copy cat

“A quasi literary synesthesia…”

What I like to do is go to a given publisher or hashtag to check out the writers in the upper echelon of that publication.

I proceed to read through the work. First I look for the mechanics. Maybe it is spacing, paragraphs structure, the cadence of sentences, etc.

I then copy the mechanics or the mold they use, writing my articles in the same fashion, pouring my ideas into this aforementioned mold.

On another day I may read through either the same publication or a different one looking for something else, let’s say their voice.

I try to get a feel for what they sound like through words. A quasi literary synesthesia, if you will. Once I get an idea of how they sounds, I try to re-write my own articles in the same fashion.

Having a voice is important because it has to communicate with the voice in the readers head.

The chemistry has to be there. An attraction has to be established.

On a complexly separate day I might read a popular writer’s work to check for style.

Style is probably a bit more simpler as it shows itself in the excessive, showy academic grammar and punctuation which is characteristic of stiff, stuffy kind of writer or the complete disregard for any of the things I just mentioned, the nonchalant hipster type.

In any one of these cases I advise you to copy the bests as much as possible until you are rooted in your own voice, style and mechanics. You will eventually find what works for YOU.

More on voice, a commentary(rant)

“It is a permutation of everything we have ever heard.”

No one has their own voice. Anyone who tells you they have their own voice is lying to you or don’t know how this simulation works.

We all sound like someone.

We are an amalgamation of different voices.

It is a permutation of everything we have ever heard. But we can take one piece of that permutation and drive it. We can go in so many different directions.

It is up to you to combine some voice with some style with some delivery with some form of mechanics.

I think many writers like to think they have their own voice because they haven’t read everything there is to read on this planet.

How would you know you have your own voice? Have you read everything that was ever written in time?

I’m only inquiring about this because I want people to actually write — people who want to write, that is.

I view writers the same as I do wine snobs. Wine snobs swear they are so fuckin “it” because they sniff liquid and drink it. It’s the same with writers.

I think some writers are just so damn bitter from making a meager living that it’s the only thing they have.

So they cling to it for dear life. Shit, now I sound like one of them.

“We wants it, we needs it, we must have the precious!”

A note to the writers who aren’t writing

“Don’t be a pussy.”

If you want to write, then write. You don’t have to be some “creative.” Just go write. You don’t need a voice to start.

I know so many people who want to partake in writing or some other creative endeavor but they are too scared to take the first step because they have allowed some artsy, snob wearing a neck scarf take up space in their mind.

That space can be better served by creativity. We need more of that in this world.

Don’t be a pussy.

You really want to write?

Write everyday.

Simple as that write everyday.

When you write everyday, you establish a rhythm. When you establish a rhythm then you are a writer.

Do not give a fuck about what people think about your writing. Their opinion doesn’t matter.

I never thought that I would be up here on social media, with my own website, publishing my work all over the god damn internet.

I use to be so scared of putting my work out there.

I don’t read the comments though because one thing is for certain. They people who I WANT to read my work aren’t in my comment section(s).

They are busy writing.

So write!

Until next time, my friend.


– Anthony Boyd

I write at the intersection of leadership, self-improvement and psychology. |

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