I remember when I had just moved and was traveling back and forth from work and home. I use to work overnight so there wasn’t much transportation available. But I would take the train and then jump in a taxi on my final leg to work.

One night I decided to skip the cab and walk the final leg to work through a quiet neighborhood. 5 minutes into that walk and I regretted it.

Although it was a nice neighborhood, quiet and all, there were very little street lights. It was almost pitch dark! It was that deep, primal darkness that shakes you to your core. I had to use my cell phone flash light to see 3 feet in front of me.

But there was a point when the moons light lit the rest of the way to work. I never had a “need” for the moonlight before but there it was guiding the way.

This piece reminds me of that night for some reason lol. I think it’s the potholes with the moon lit water.

Thank you for sharing this!!