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I’ll Be Happy When…

…I choose to be happy.

When you’re under the influence of “I’ll be happy when…” you’re constantly looking over the shoulder of the present moment for some nebulous idea of happiness that exists in the future.

But the future never arrives and neither does your happiness.

“I’ll be happy when…”

  • “I’m financially stable.”
  • “I fall in love.”
  • “Become famous.”
  • “I have children.”

These things come but happiness isn’t some feature that comes built-in to these externalities. In fact, when you acquired these externalities you’ll find that you’re actually more inclined to be miserable.

You look for things to complain about in order to bring yourself back to your baseline emotion: ambiguous discontent.

Surrender. Be at peace with what is. Enjoy the small things in the present moment, whatever that may be for you; your breath, a comfortable place to sleep, a good book, your health.

Choose to be happy now.



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Anthony Boyd

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