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Read This Before You Click Your Next Self-Help Piece

One simple idea for staying on track.

Books, seminars, university, audio, and blog posts are some of the main sources for helping us optimize our path to achieving our potential via the self-help genre.

But I feel like many of us get lost in the vast amounts of information available to us.

Some people think others need to stop producing self-help information. I, however, think it’s important that we all produce self-help information because there are many different flavors, struggles and paths to success that’s seasoned by each of our(7.6 billion) unique life experiences that highlight important pieces to the puzzle of life. I believe it was Ram Dass that said:

“When you know how to listen, everyone is the guru.”

The key is to remember one simple thing: You want to become the best you can be. When you keep this one idea in mind, it acts as a filter for self-help information.

Now, “becoming the best you can be” is a vague statement.

But I’m sure you know what you want to become the best at. And when you truly know what you want to become the best at, you’ll only consume information pertinent to that end.

I write at the intersection of leadership, self-improvement and psychology. |

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