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The Sure Fire Way to Guarantee Failure

is to attempt to be everything to everyone, all at once.

Anthony Boyd
1 min readSep 26, 2020


Attempting to be everything to everyone, all at once becomes difficult the longer you live because the longer you live, the more you settle into “yourself.”

You realize what you aren’t moreso than what you are and it is through this discernment that you end up “finding yourself.”

Then you tear away all the superfluous roles and activity to start living from your core.

Once you find yourself your boundaries manifest. You staunchly, selfishly oppose anything that doesn’t resonate with you.

You get stingy with your time.

You learn to ration your energy.

You ultimately live for yourself.

Living for yourself isn’t a bad thing.

It’s through living for yourself that you can help others. If you don’t live for yourself, you’ll end up with nothing.

And you can’t pour from an empty cup.



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