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Yeah And?

…what does that have to do with me?

We can’t help but compare ourselves to others, huh? It’s hard to not feel like a slacker when there are people out there pumping out content, working a 9–5 all while sucking up hookah into their lungs on the weekend.

Relax. That has nothing to do with you.

People take on this victim role when they see other people grinding. Why? No one is forcing you to watch other people shine. You’re doing it to yourself. You’re free to look away if you want.

Or, you can be like me and let that inspire you.

I see posts here and there acting as if someone, who’s minding their business, living their lives, working hard…hustling, is forcing them to be insecure about their success.

But here’s the thing, you don’t know that persons life. They could be hustling to avoid eviction. They could be trying to stay fed. Or they might have demons you know nothing about. Demons that they hide from by using work as a coping mechanism.

Heck. Let it inspire you. Or don’t. But you don’t have to watch. Look away. Some people like to work. I’m one of them. And if that makes you feel “insecure” then I don’t know what to tell you.

I remember when the pandemic just kicked off. People were getting laid off, places were shutting down and everyone was just at a stand still.

I saw a few memes going around saying something to the effect of: “If you don’t come out of this quarantine with a side hustle, a business or with more knowledge, then you’ve wasted time.” Or something like that.

I agreed. I had just quit my cushy union job 4 months prior and was looking to elevate my writing and all around content creation to lay a path to my goals.

I reposted the meme. People got offended. Understandably because, hell, it’s a pandemic. It’s a stressful time for many people, including myself. Nobody wants to see all that motivational nonsense, right?

My mom is working in a hospital. I spoke to her every single day at the height of this pandemic and she told me many crazy stories. Stressful.

But I used my work to take my mind off of all of that and it worked out for me. I wasn’t trying to make anyone feel jelly. I was just living my life. And seeing others grind to make something out of a bad situation was inspiring. Apparently we all deal with trauma and stress differently.

I get it. We’re wired with mirror neurons and a bunch of other antiquated human software that produce emotions such as jealousy. But we’re evolved enough to look away.

When you come across someone who’s killing it in their line of work simply ask yourself this: “Yeah and? What does that have to do with me?”



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Anthony Boyd

Anthony Boyd

A unique perspective of leadership & personal development through the pen of a former union steward. |byanthonyboyd.com