Bad leadership could wreak havoc on your mental health & well-being as well as your professional career. Steer clear of bad leadership at all costs.

Earlier this year I went on an interview at an organization that I’ve been wanting to work for since I’ve graduated with my Psychology degree.

Instantly, I noticed some red flags while taking a tour of the facility, asking questions, as well as speaking with some of the seasoned employees…

I’ve been studying for the CCNA exam for a few months now and I have to say that my curiosity has aided in me learning way more than simply reading…

And you can’t look away.

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Some people, including myself, has made the assertion that social media is simply a mirror. But if that were true, that would mean social media is reflecting the worst parts of humanity.

There’s something about social media that turns people into monsters.

I use to think it was due to…

Because when you’re not mad at them anymore, your friends & family still are.

And when the argument is over, and you’ve kissed and made up, your loved ones — that you vented to late at night, ugly crying over FaceTime to, are still harboring the feelings you’ve transferred to them about the bastard that broke your heart.

Many people have made it a…

Learning is a matter of integration. And these books will help you integrate leadership theory.

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I’m a huge believer in leadership experience coming from actually being in a leadership role.

But books saved me a massive amount of time that I would have spent making mistakes.

I started reading leadership books before I was elected to union leadership so I had the luxury of putting…

Emotionally intelligent communication is a challenge for many leaders.

I was a union leader for six years in The Bronx, New York.

And as some of you might know, New York City is rough — especially when it comes to communication.

But I had the luxury to hone my communication in a tough environment filled with old school union…

A framework for effective strategies.

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When I first became a union leader, I thought I could just wing it.

I didn’t think much of planning or being strategic in anyway. I thought it would be enough to let the wind carry me while I free-styled the execution of my vision.

I ended up getting almost…

Building a high-performance team starting with the basics.

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High-performance teams don’t come together by chance. They’re designed.

And teams are maintained by underlying principles that are universal across many types organizations.

Principles are the building blocks of effective strategy.

And these principles ultimately dictate the caliber of teams you lead.

In other words, the quality and effectiveness of…

We tend to hate things that made a bad first impression on us. And if given the appropriate opportunity, we can fall in love with with the things we hate

In undergrad, I started out taking remedial mathematics classes because my high school mathematics scores were terrible. By the time…

Change is never as bad as we think.

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When you can skillfully pull your team together to meet change with a united front, there’s no set of changes you can’t manage.

Change is uncomfortable for all of us. We have the tendency to cling to the familiar while fearing the unknown.

And for good reason.

Change can be…

Anthony Boyd

I write at the intersection of self-improvement, psychology and leadership development from the perspective of a union steward. |

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